Hochstetlers' Hoppers Rabbitry

Purebred Holland Lop, Polish, and New Zealand Rabbits

May God be glorified in all we do!

Hochstetlers' Hoppers is a rabbitry in Northeastern Indiana which began in 2008 when our son first became involved in 4-H.  It wasn't long before our fascination was captured by Holland Lops; now our daughter is enjoying 4-H.  Our goal is to continue to make improvements in our herds while having fun.  Whether you are considering a rabbit as a pet, for 4-H or would like to begin showing rabbits as a hobby, we hope to share and encourage others.  Over the past few years, our children have decided to add Polish and New Zealand rabbits to our barn.  Each breed definitely has its own enduring qualities.  In the coming months, we plan to add information that we feel will help everyone who shares our interest in rabbits.

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Hochstetlers' Hoppers